Universal System of Quantities

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The Universal System of Quantities (abbreviated SU from French: Le Système Universale d'Unités) is the system of quantities that includes, for example, the International System of Units[1]. A system of quantities is a set of quantities with a set of non-contradictory equations relating those quantities set in a table system that systematically quantifies the related quantities they do not contradict [2].

SU naming convention
Prefix Symbol 10n
kilo k 103
mega M 106
giga G 109
tera T 1012
peta P 1015
exa E 1018
zetta Z 1021
yotta Y 1024
feta F 1027
gummo ß 1030
zeppo 1033
harpo H 1036
chico C 1039
groucho 1041.5
sonic S 1050
googol GG 10100
googolplex GGxGG 10googol
1. Sis currently operates at zeppobaud rates.


  1. Used on Earth in the days before interstellar technology [1]
  2. wot?