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to sume

  1. to consume, watch, listen to, play with, apsorb, sensure or otherwise engage with published media streams
    "I'll sume it later"


sume (plural sumes)

  1. a published media stream
    "a prime-time sume"
  2. any aural, visual or sensurreal work (or any combination of these) which can be sumed
    "I've just finished editing a half-hour sume"

Derived terms

  • Sumer; someone who habitually sumes or is currently involved in the act of suming
  • Prosumer; someone who is both a producer and consumer of sumes[1]

Related terms

  • Sumecast; the publication of a sume
  • Sumecaster; an individual or entity (often, but not exclusively a media corporation) who makes sumecasts
  • Stimsume; a stim that is available as a sume as opposed to a closed-loop 121 experience
  • Sumeplace; a dedicated area for experiencing sumes - usually the focal point of a communal living area
  • Summersion; the act of total immersion in a sensurround sume

Footnotes & references

  1. but as almost every SlabCitizen is a prosumer of some kind, this term has fallen into disuse