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webback (plural webbacks)

  1. a work of fiction which is published in printed as well as eBook format[1] with addenda, glossaries, back-stories and tangentially linked information available online thereby extending the narrative as determined by the reader's curiosity[2] rather than the writer's design.


  • enhanced eBooks with hotlinks embedded into the text are not strictly webbacks, they're... um... e-ebooks[3]
  • one of the earliest examples of the webback was SLABSCAPE: RESET published in 2010 by [Blipbooks]
  • the next one in the series, SLABSCAPE: DAMMIT, published in 2014, was instrumental in making the dominant distribution channel of the day wake up and realise what they had created.

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Footnotes and references

  1. back in the days before Neural Implants virtually eliminated textural reading
  2. often, subjecting themselves to Linktrigue
  3. maybe