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Body Conditioning[1] is the general term that refers to the use of intensive deep-muscle stimulators in order to maintain general physical health and well-being without resorting to actual physical exercise. The apparatus used to carry out the treatment is known as a BodiCon.

Body shop

While some choose to use low intensity BodiCons in the privacy of their own homes, most people have their favourite body shops which are usually staffed, and often co-owned, by highly skilled and sought-after bodyworkers[2] who use their professional expertise to tailor compact workouts specific to each of their clientele. As an example, a top bodyworker working with a known client can compress the equivalent of an hour's track and weights workout followed by a three-set tennis match, a half-hour swim and a full body massage, into less than 20 minutes (including exfo-shower and cell repair).


Many purists decry the lack of staying power created by the BodiCon process and claim that true stamina can only be obtained as a result of real-time endurance training. They also condemn the heavy use of neural pain inhibitors[3] during the BodiCon sessions. Those who regularly use body shops[4] usually counter-argue by alluding to endorphin junkies and say they have better things to do with their time.


  1. aka Body Contouring, Body Concern or Body Consciousness
  2. the majority of whom are known as Jim
  3. without which, the body would be in excruciating agony
  4. and this is not a small industry onSlab