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Proper noun


  1. A vernacular of English which originated in 20th~21st century Bronx, an area of the upper-eastern googopolis of the North American continent, Earth, Sol. It was noted for its particularly colourful invective and speed of inventiveness. It even had its own alphabet:
  • fuckin' A, fuckin' B, fuckin' C etc.

Usage notes

The concept of standard Bronxlang is an oxymoron[1].

  • The name of the vernacular, Bronxlang, does not assume an article.
  • People from the Bronx[2] were sometimes referred to as Bronxians but never Bronxlangers.

Footnotes and references

  1. no, Louie, this does not mean a bovine idiot
  2. their most famous/infamous son was, is, and sadly probably always will be Louis Clinton Drago