Dentrition Meni Hangman II (I)

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If you are hanging out around the round dance round on the +forward upSide of Seacombe and look towards the midline, you are likely to see a variable coloured mass floating at about 25 metres.

That is Dentrition Meni Hangman II.

He's an Intern and has been for almost 20 cycles.

He thought it was cool to leave his body as an art statement while he was interned.[1]

You can throw stuff at him if you like, but he can't feel it... unfortunately.


Not failing but learning
Why t-shirts with slogans were outlawed onSlab in 998. However, prior to that date they were available here.

Almost everything DMHII said before being selected as a wildcard in the SlabCouncil draft of 1021 was verifiably crap however, even complete Rocket Scientists can accidentally stumble over a useful truth from time to time. He has been credited with the line;

"I'm not failing (you idiot!), I'm learning!"[2]

Footnotes & references

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  2. He was wrong about that too