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Minor Deity of the Relativists.

Dice is supposed to sit on the right hand of God with Fuck on the left.

According to the doctrine of the Church of Relativity, Dice was not allowed by God to play with the Universe.

This led to predictable results.[1]

Common usage

Human history is littered with Gods from the past, both great and small. Dice is neither. A middling, aw shucks, sort of God, Dice can't really be relied on for anything and has a reputation of being indecisive and prone to changing her mind whenever asked. The key in this, say the relativists, is to never ask the same question twice because you're likely to get a different answer. However, in keeping with tradition, her name is used as an expletive to express a multitude of emotions, like Fuck.


The beauty of language is that it is constantly evolving and adapting to modern life. However, a shining example of the poetry of blasphemy was in the closing line of the play To Kill a Fucking Bird by the 8th, 9th & 10th century novelist and playwright, Rittblat Thynne;

For Dicesake, Griselda, stop dicing around and dice off! [2]

A notable moment in history was the first broadcast use of the word by an elected official. When asked, in 2023 during her campaign for re-election, what she thought of the fact that the world's press were calling her a 'rabid eugenicist', Tricia-Belle Medusa-Smythe famously said; I don't give a Dice.

Footnotes and references

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