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For details see Mediawiki help:images

The positions are mutually exclusive; the last specified wins. For inline images only modifier px (see above) is supported.

Word Usage Explanation
right [[Image:Mediawiki.png|right]] Modifies position, floats the image to the right.
left [[Image:Mediawiki.png|left]] Modifies position, floats the image to the left.
none [[Image:Mediawiki.png|none]] Explicitly states that the image should not float.
[[Image:Mediawiki.png|center]] Modifies position, like none but centered.

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Spoiler test

In order to reduce spoilers introduced in Dammit and Reboot, try this (note use <spoiler> some text </spoiler> or <spoiler text="something"> some text </spoiler>)

<spoiler text="Know what?">Adding spoiler code somehow breaks references from showing up below - bugger.</spoiler>

Yes - bad biscuits Erik 11:04, 29 March 2010 (UTC)

Footnotes and references

  1. What do you mean; speculation?
  2. this is how you do footnotes and the Milus is the second item separated by a | pipe - the first item is the actual link text and hidden but visible on rollover in the status bar