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Idea theory states that ideas propagate infinitely in random directions and are measured in microgans. The theory postulates that thought energy is structured into a triple helix reminiscent of DNA[1]and can, if the right conditions exist, be combined and restructured into new ideas that hold reference to, and can re-inform, the ideas from which they were conceived.


The optimum conditions in human minds for idea generation is a state of focussed non-listening[2] during which external ideas helixes may be intercepted, absorbed, deconstructed, replicated and then mutated into new ideas. The process of ideation automatically generates further propagation of ideas helixes which are readily intercepted by co-located ideators who modify and re-broadcast them, creating a positive feedback reinforcement event[3].

Proponents of the ideas theory (Idealists) offer many examples from Earth history to support the theory, including unsubstantiated speculation that nineteenth-century Northern Europe passed through a dense ideas field which had been propagated from outside the solar system and gave rise to the industrial revolution. Others claim that many of the great composers, including Beethoven, Bach and Mozart, were merely listeners, surfing the idea helixes of another place and time.


Idea theory is often used to justify long periods of unproductive activity and bone-idleness by ideators and creatives who sume tenCent or spend half their lives watching other people work while claiming to be waiting for ideas to come along[4] (see Crap Idea).

Footnotes and references

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