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<references />
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The Anti-Social Ofenses List as defined in the SlabWide Contemporary Morality master version.


The following behaviours are currently considered anti-social and subject to Sis intervention;

  • Polluting the environment by broadcasting negative emotions on an unscreened public band
  • Sneezing in public without covering your nose and mouth
  • Emerging from a vexit and just bloody standing there, looking around - when you know someone else is likely to step through it at any moment and crash into you
  • Dawdling with your friends in line-abreast down a narrow public thoroughfare while other people are in a hurry. Get out of the DICING WAY!
  • Prolonged megagorping


These are currently up for SlabCouncil debate;

  • Pedantry
  • Nit picking
  • Poking people in the ears
  • Saying 'Un huh?' when you're not actually listening
  • Making someone repeat the same thing three times
  • Calling Hobson's anywhere in the downtown MultipliCity area

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