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There are very few people alive today who can remember a time when Adjunct Mhinge wasn't the EastValley Hobson, but those who can remember say that he had his trademark plaited grey beard and shaved head from the day he first took office.

Although he rarely delivers a decision that is universally liked, he is considered to be the wisest of all Hobsons. It is with considerable regret that the Valley Association accepted his request to non-renew when he announced his decision to Go Ahead as soon as he was free to do so. However, as he has to stay in office until the association has met to replace him, and there is currently a cachence of getting them all together for long enough to discuss it[1], it seems he's going to be around for a while yet.

Notable achievements

In response to the overwhelming number of Hobsons shouts he received for seeming imponderable questions that had no specific right or wrong answer, Mhinge designed and implemented the SlabWide introduction of Milli the Orgasm Cat [1]. Many of his maxims are included in Milli's database however the rumour that the selection algorithms are biased towards his work has been comprehensively disproved by Sis who has guaranteed Milli's integrity.

Currently trending quotations

Mhinge has published 4,256 collectively recognised wisdoms and his sayings frequently appear in the SlabWide most sumed quotations top 500. This is a list of currently trending favourites;

  • "Laughter is the antidote to existential pain."
  • "I am perfect in every little way but, sadly, none of the big ones."
  • "Never compare your insides with other people's outsides."

It is worth noting that Mhinge never claims to be the originator of the quotations that are attributed to him[2].

His personal favourite sayings are usually non-trending and are therefore listed here for balance;

  • "I am a filter, not a source."
  • "Don't ask me - you won't like the answer."
  • "Any idea worth stating is worth stealing."
  • "If you think fate is fickle, try tempting it"
  • "ignorance conceives fear and imagination suckles it but ritual teaches it how to walk and talk"[3]

Hobson status
Region EastValley
Tenure Valley Association determined[4]
Renewal optional (declined)
Shouter's rating 75%
Discretion mandatory
Anon-untrace declined; uses real DoName[5].

Footnotes and references

  1. many believe these two phenomena are linked
  2. especially that last one
  3. this refers to the quotation attributed to Milus Blondel "mystery is not founded in ignorance, mystery is founded in imagination"
  4. see Valley Hobsons
  5. In fact he changed his DoName to match his Hobson name shortly after being selected. His previous DoName has anon-untrace status which naturally makes it the subject of wild speculation. Mhinge refuses to comment except to fiercely insist that it was not Simon.