Cecil Shallock I

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Cecil Shallock was born in Wisconsin, USA, Earth in 2064. He was a world renown Geneticist.

He had three children; Two daughters, Emily Fine (b. 2088) and Charlotte Serene (b. 2091) and one son, Cecil Shallock II (b. 2095).

According to several authenticated documents, all three of his offspring hated spinach with a ferocity. Each one had been known to projectile vomit whenever they had been forced to eat this vile, unquestionably unneeded leafy vegetable.

Cecil was lead geneticist in charge of stocking Slab with every single gene known to mankind. It was he who signed off on the final manifest before Slab left orbit and he who had been lobbied persistently by his children to leave out the samples and genes for spinach. As a loving father, he complied. The 'omission' was not discovered until Slab had left the Earth's solar system and was way beyond MT range.

To this day, his name is celebrated and revered, so much so that it is often called into being as a toast. However, as Cecil Shallock the first is a bit of a mouthful, especially to anyone that has already been drinking, the usual drinking toast has been abbreviated to 'The First!'.