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Morality is always going to be a contentious issue. However, this is not the arena to debate it[1].

The bottom line is that Slab has a set of moral values which were originally defined in the ID and have been continuously modified and updated PD. This is done by majority consensus and is monitored by Sis on a TenCent basis. Contemporary morality is in a constant state of flux and can vary quite drastically over long cycles[2]. All SlabCitizens are expected to observe the current morality update whenever in a standard version zone as defined by local prefs.

Update procedure

After polling and collation by Sis, contemporary morality modifications are presented to the contiguation and checked by all corporeal Hobsons and a random selection of citizens in order to eliminate Crap Ideas and then the update is automatically installed in shell awareness[3].


Contemporary morality is merely a code by which we all, by majority, agree to live. It need not be a restriction of personal choice and many citizens do choose not to abide by the current version, often creating their own sub-versions and amoral zones. As anyone entering these areas could be subject to moral hazard, all SlabCitizens receive an automatic warning via N.I. when entering and departing a sub-version zone. This warning is non-override and must be acknowledged before zone access is permitted. Please refer to local prefs for zonal variations and modifications.

It must be clearly understood that while any citizen is free to choose their personal morality subversion, this choice automatically restricts their access to standard version zones[4]

Thin lines and ASOLs

There are many, many thin lines when it comes to morality issues. What is and isn't considered a moral matter and when mere anti-social behaviour crosses into being contrary to contemporary morality are the questions that give even Adjunct Mhinge a headache the size of a planet. It is for this reason that the The Anti-Social Offenses List exists. This list is the catch-all for behaviour that cannot be clearly defined as breaking contemporary morality but is still generally not approved of by a significant amount of the local population. Doing ASOL things is unlikely to get you banned from standard version zones but you will not be liked and everyone in the immediate vicinity has the right to remind you of what you are doing.

Current SlabWide version

As of this mark, the current standard SlabWide Contemporary Morality version is: 1039Rev1.02.

Footnotes and references

  1. the proper arena is called a bar
  2. for example, it's hard to understand it now, but a personal belief in all-powerful, vengeful deities used to be considered a positive moral value - crazy huh?
  3. no prior permission required, no denial option
  4. and anyone who doesn't like this will be asked to step outside