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A Hecker was a member of an Earth-based anti-social group that gained media attention during the first half of the 21st century and who could only be identified by their published likes and preferences on social media channels. Age, appearance[1], gender, ethnicity and psychotic tendencies were immaterial for Hecker affiliation, however, a taste for the gruesome and macabre was mandatory which is why they became universally known as Bloody Heckers. In order to become a member of the world-wide tribe, it was only necessary to publicly proclaim allegiance to the current official list of Hecker's likes. This list of likes was frequently changed and subject to much dispute[2] but no matter how many changes were made, there were four primary likes that every published list had in common:

Bloody Heckers like:

  • painfully loud, aggressively brutal music
  • road-kill[3]
  • diesel oil[4]
  • tequila slammers


  1. Heckers claim this was the first instance of a social grouping that deliberately eschewed a visual identity because socially aware technology made it no longer necessary to display external signs in order to identify your own 'tribe'
  2. and more than a few bar fights
  3. of any variety EXCEPT black and tan Dachshunds who were loved and cherished by all Heckers and referred to as 'Hatties'
  4. an extremely rare form of hydrocarbon-based liquid fuel, now more precious than gold