Louis Clinton Drago

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Louie Drago (LCD) is a fully interactive, persona-based holo. Despite the primitive superficiality of his personality download[1] he has been granted full SlabCitizen rights[2].

As a sentient entity he has asserted full copyright ownership over his personal history and is currently taking bids for the serialisation rights[3][4]. This means that all non-public domain Slabscapedia entries about him are embargoed until further notice[5] .

Public Domain

  • Born; September 6th 1996 - Earth
  • Died; not possible to define[6]
  • Entered cryonic suspension September 6th 2076 - Earth
  • Reborn; 1039.96:4:22:15PD - Slab (see Dielle)



© 1984-2436 (Earth) 1039-40 (Slab) Louis C. Drago. All rights reserved.

Early career

© 1984-2436 (Earth) 1039-40 (Slab) Louis C. Drago. All rights reserved.

IRAK years

© 1984-2436 (Earth) 1039-40 (Slab) Louis C. Drago. All rights reserved. (see IRAK)


© 1984-2436 (Earth) 1039-40 (Slab) Louis C. Drago. All rights reserved.

Cryonic suspension

© 1984-2436 (Earth) 1039-40 (Slab) Louis C. Drago. All rights reserved.

SlabSide resurrection

© 1984-2436 (Earth) 1039-40 (Slab) Louis C. Drago. All rights reserved. (see Slabscape : Reset)


Louie can probably claim to have the longest copyright ownership over his own self-generated content than any other living entity known to humanity.

Current controversy

It is strongly rumored[citation ??] that there is more than one instance of Louie Drago in existence. Even though there is no evidence that there are multiple instances in the Slab Asynchronology if it can be proved that there are other Louies in alternative time-lines, it could be argued that ID has been technically violated and that this constitutes sufficient cause for the temporary substrate-suspension of the one that is currently bugging everyone onSlab until all this is sorted out. A petition to have him forcibly put back into non-volatile memory is being organised. Please add your name so we can rid ourselves of this turbulent ass.

Selected Quotations

  • "everything I do and everything I say is copyright me - OK? you use it, you pay - no exceptions - even this"[7]
  • "the drycleaners had it coming"
  • "the more you can afford something, the greater the number of people who will fall over themselves to let you have it for nothing"
  • "Risk assessment can be risky, but avoiding risk is riskier"

Footnotes and references

  1. these limitations may not be with the software
  2. oh boy, are we ever going to regret this!
  3. LCD has stated that any attempt to spread false and malicious rumours about him will result in him re-instating an old Earth practise of suing people until they bleed
  4. and if anyone can, he can
  5. While Louie Drago was physically alive, he was in the habit of describing himself as a 'business gurulla'. He thought that was funny. But now he's a holographic interactive personality, he's just a PITA.
  6. unfortunately
  7. you have been debited .0001 ¢ for this view