Milus Blondel

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Milus Gonodotrophin Blondel (April 1, 2034 – August 5, 2069 California Disappearance)

Founder : IRAK.

Inventor[1]: EMTI technology.

Claimed to be the first to deliberately use the technique of invention by rumour[2].

Had something to do with the development of the Gravity Drive.

According to Louie Drago; "Milus was the biggest bullshitter" he'd ever met[3]. Because Louie was still Milus' de-facto business partner at the time of his disappearance, Louie claims full power of attorney over all of Milus' ongoing business interests. This means that all of Milus' personal history is currently subject to copyright negotiations and cannot be published here.


  • "just because I know what needs to be done, doesn't mean I'm the person to do it"
  • "one man's red light is another man's green"
  • "it's not always easy to see what is obvious"
  • "start as you mean to begin"
  • "mystery is not founded in ignorance, mystery is founded in imagination"[4]
  • "not taking risks is the riskiest thing you can do"
  • "it's all in the spin"
  • "I was just testing"

Footnotes and references

  1. in the loosest sense of the word
  2. claim is disputed
  3. which, coming from Louie, is probably a compliment
  4. seeing that this is wiser than anything else Blondel ever said by several orders of magnitude, it is assumed that he stole this from some unattributed source