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Mrthyl led a colourful and varied life as a prosumer of fine monaural vampwork which was popular during the late 400's and early 500's of the first SlabMillennia.

Her original birth name caused her such acute embarrassment that she persistently lobbied SlabCouncil and eventually succeeded in instigating the DoName system. DoNaming went flashviral and made her an instant SlabWide celebrity. Although she had adopted the DoName 'Just' and pleaded to be called 'Just Mrthyl', everyone knew her original name and, in order to show how knowledgeable and SlabWise they were, insisted on using it as often and loudly as possible, especially at society parties.

Sadly, Mrthyl, being unable to rid herself of the name she'd been cursed with, decided to turn Unko and dropped off the network. Every few tens of cykes, somebody claims to have met her or caught a glimpse of her in a bar, but the sightings are always uncorroborated and usually only occur under Rat5 circumstances.

Her audiobiography "Written in the wrong key" was spectacularly unpopular.

Wherever you are Mrthyl, we love you. Just be.


"just call me"