Regulated alcohol

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Also known as 'RA', 'ah-ey', 'banalcohol' and 'the regular'. Popular onSlab intoxicant designed to work on the human body in exactly the same way as normal alcohol but only up to a pre-determined level and no further. RA is available in five levels or 'ratings' (colloq. "rats")

It is impossible to get drunk on levels 1-3 of regulated alcohol, no matter how much of it you drink.

RA is designed to detect the level of alcohol in the drinker's bloodstream and only be further absorbed if that level is under the threshold set by the rating. This means that it is possible to get exactly the alcohol-induced level of euphoria required from Rat1 (mild buzz) to Rat5 (shit-faced) and stay at that level as long as you continue drinking the same RA rated drink.

Another benefit of RA is that its effects wear off completely after a very short time which is usually determined by a function of the drinker's body mass and rating level consumed. Most people will be at the equivalent of level 1 within twenty minutes of ceasing drinking.


Although RA induced hang-overs are exceptionally rare, Dentrition Meni Hangman II managed to achieve what he described as the 'mother, father and goat of all hang-overs' when he and four of his close friends went on a 'five man, five day, Rat5 bender' to celebrate his acceptance as an Intern. That is; he was celebrating his acceptance, the other four were celebrating getting rid of him. He therefore entered internship with a headache the size of a planet. It is hoped he still has it.