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Joint Earth Council Space Vehicle Galactic Conveyor ISS.001.000.0001 usually known as Slab.

Departed earth 00:20:23 UTC on 4th September 2106 (Earth time) which is datum zero for all SlabTime calculations and references.

Slab is a an autonomous independent state and declared official separation from Earth on SlabCycle 95.03

Current External Dimensions(Km); Length; 1024.0000000000 Width; 455.1111111111 Thickness; 113.7777777777

By order of SlabCouncil these dimensions are now fixed and Slab has officially entered it's post-expansionist phase. These dimensions have been collectively recognised as aesthetically appropriate while at the same time, for obvious reasons, signal an internal intelligence to any alien probe of significant resolution to form a threat.

Destination; 'Home'

ETA; 3,987,243,974 cycles or never (see current debate # 1014.987)

Government; benevolent dictatorship (NAH) with moderating council of Interns

Constitution; almost finalised, really, it's going to be sorted by the end of next cycle for sure, maybe even before that.

Gross domestic product; meaningless

Main Export; heat, but we are working on that

Main Import; mass (see Gravity drive)

Current security status; 4 - critical (see War)