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Joint Earth Council Space Vehicle Galactic Conveyor ISS.001.000.0001 a.k.a. Slab.

Departed Earth orbit 00:20:23 UTC on 4th September 2106 (Earth time) which is datum zero for all SlabTime calculations and references.

Slab is an autonomous independent state and declared official separation from Earth on SlabCycle 95.03.

Current Slab Configuration

See main article: SlabConfig.



ETA; 66,435.69 cycles or never[1].


Sis-based benevolent dictatorship (NAH assisted) with moderating council of Interns.


Almost finalised, really, it's going to be sorted by the end of next cycle for sure, maybe even before that.

Main Export


Main Import

Mass (see Gravity Drive).

Security status

4 : critical (see War).

Footnotes and references

  1. see current debate # 1014.987
  2. but we are working on this