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Slabscapedia is the Slabwide knowledge base resource. All knowledge is available through here.[1] It is available for anyone to access free-of-charge, although strict copyright is maintained and no part may be reproduced without permission except for brief extracts for the purpose of review.


Information available often via off-slabscapedia links [1] covering;

  • facts and opinions previously documented and indexed elsewhere
  • events which occurred before NOW(Earth local) i.e. this moment in the Earth asynchronology assuming you are reading this on Earth in a non-time-shifted media environment[2]
  • archives and files that are made available on Earth through networked arrays of spinning magnetic or optical disks and silicon based memory chips connected to dumb machines which are physically joined together using copper wires, glass or plastic fibre or, occasionally, radio or microwave links[3]


  • discoveries and data relating to events between Pre-history and Now



  1. intern level query expertise required
  2. comparative time frame analysis of non co-located entities approaching C is currently outside the scope of this resource
  3. this really is how it works

All Slabscapedia content is © 2006-2019(Earth local), and, for all you conspiracy theory nut-jobs out there, is a work of fiction. You do know that, don't you?