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Community portal

Welcome to the Slabscapedia community portal. Have comments, questions or confusions?[1]. It's just possible you are not alone. It's even possible that others may have already been commenting, questioning or tearing their hair out about the same thing. Now that facebook has disabled discussions, we suggest you slope on over to Amazon UK's author page here and

Another aspect of the Slabscape community is that at some point in the future[2], selected members who wish to contribute to the Slabscape universe will be invited to submit Slabscapedia articles and maybe even a Cosmic Tit story.

Also, for the seriously dupe who feel it's important to identify themselves as part of an exclusive and elite group of SlabAficionados by wearing T-shirts or drinking out of coffee mugs while tapping fiercely at your iPads and smartphones emblazoned with some SlabID we dreamt up after six bottles of Rat5 shampagne try this.

If you want to add your uniqueness to the Blip Books database so you can be kept informed of new books or updates, please try here.

Guidelines, help & resources

This page has been ripped and hacked from the Wikipedia Community page - if this is transgressing any copyrights please let us know.


We all need it. Especially us.


Wikimedia editing standards apply

Policies and guidelines

When Slabscapedia opens up to invited contributors there will need to be some clear guidelines and editorial policies in order to protect the canon. Not yet though.


Ways to communicate

Try facebook or twitter - but if you have a specific query about obtaining a publication or some book-related problem[3], then try this.

How to resolve conflicts

Talk, you cakes. If that fails, we recommend use of weapons.

Related communities

If there are any out there, you'll be sure to let us know right?

Footnotes and references

  1. about the Slabscape that is - we're not so interested in hearing about that alien fungus that's crawling up your window - although, on second thoughts...
  2. that is reasonable, human-sized spans of future time, not intergalactic-travel-sized spans
  3. and that DOESN'T include what happened when you tried to flush it