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This site, like most others, uses cookies to do a few simple things like analyse what pages are viewed, where the site visitors come from and if they're new to the site or coming back for more fun and so on. The data that's collected is secure and doesn't identify the site's users specifically. It's all handled by Google and if you want to know more about their privacy policy, please check this link out. However, if you are not dupe about all this and still want to enjoy the 'pedia without your usage being tracked, you can opt-out of the whole shebang on this and any other site by installing a simple ad-on to your browser. You can get that add-on here - are we helpful or what?

If you want to share a page[1] through the share box on the left that will undoubtedly drop a cookie on your browsing device to show you you've done it. If it didn't, you couldn't be sure you'd done it when you revisited the page would you? See? They really are harmless little creatures who only need a nice warm hard drive to sit on. But if you want to know more about cookies, how to stop them or get rid of them, try this link.

Other than that, we don't keep any data about you unless you deliberately add your name to our mailing list, which is around here somewhere, hang on a sec, I was looking at it earlier. Why is it that you put things down for just a second, turn round and then it's... ah! Found it. Here.

  1. and you are most welcome to, like no really, we don't mind at all if you want to tell all your friends about the linktrigues of Slabscapedia, in fact, let's be clear here, we want you to - please - it's dicing cold and lonely up here in the cloud