Tenten Tenchan

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Tenten Tenchan is one of the highest regarded and rated Hobsons in living memory. She has presided over so many satisfactory decisions in SpinEast that many[citation ??] think that she is single-handedly responsible for The Spin's centre of mass shift (see COMcurrent) towards the East that has been in progress for the last cycle. This has led to the currently popular lobby in council to extend her tenure for at least two more cycles.

Her personal sume Ten by Tenchan is consistently in the SlabWide most viewed top 500 which means she can command high fees for a controlled disclosure of the shouts she is called to adjudicate.

It is strange indeed that someone who shows such wit, insight and imagination when making decisions on behalf of others is completely incapable of making any personal decisions[1]. It is for this reason that she prefers to live in the Valley where she has a discretionary deal with Adjunct Mhinge.

Hobson status
Region SpinEast
Tenure lottery - next draw 1040.75
Renewal non option[2]
Shouter's rating 95%
Discretion negotiable
Anon-untrace declined; uses real DoName

Footnotes and references

  1. many suspect she is a Docanist
  2. see SlabCouncil lobby #1271