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Unko (short for Uncooperative) is the term used to describe a broad range of people who for various reasons feel it is necessary to function onSlab without being logged into Sis.

There are some Unkos who choose to live among us and avail themselves of many of the services and protections provided to all on-grid SlabCitizens, although usually, they employ stand-alone independent tech and mask their presence. However, most Unkos live off-grid and have their own, exclusive zones which are protected from Sis intrusion according to charter as set out in the Initial Design. They are free to behave as they please as long as they don't disrupt the normal functioning of Slab and the freedom of its citizens.

It is important to understand that while Unkos and Naturalists frequently co-exist in shared off-grid locations, they do not share the same ideology or attitude towards the use of technology[1].

Unkos are uncooperative by nature and refuse to cooperate with other groups of Unkos. Most groups of Unkos tend to spontaneously form splinter groups and separate after only a few cycles[2].

Footnotes and references

  1. note - accusing an Unko of being a Naturalist is only slightly less dangerous than vice versa
  2. there is a rumour about one Unko group who, along with their symbiotic Naturalists have formed a long-term stable society under a particularly charismatic Matriarch who has built a sustainable non-conformist family community, although this cannot, obviously, be verified