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Common name for a Relativist. Member of the Church of Relativity.

Doctrine; "Everything's relative".


According to the Rellies, every single thing in the Universe, from Gluon to Galaxy, is in motion. This motion was pre-determined at the exact moment of creation of the universe when all the known forces randomly stabilised. Nothing anyone can do will ever alter this fact, therefore all efforts to change or improve things are futile. However, this doesn't seem to stop the Rellies from deliberately irritating people by butting into conversations to remind us that "everything's relative".

Zero Point

Most Relativists believe that it is possible to define all movement as a vector relative to a single, stationary point called Zero Point which, they proclaim, is the point from which we all originated and the point to which we are all, eventually travelling, albeit by a rather circuitous route, relatively speaking.

Popular Opinion

If it wasn't for the Freedom to be a Cakeandeatit Act, these people would be banned at parties in all SlabRegions outside zone61.

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