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Zone61 (aka NaniState); the non-contiguous, variable-boundary OnSlab habitat for SlabCitizens under the age of 61 Cycles, or those who do not wish to agree to the Life disclaimer.

During the early cykes, all SlabCitizens thrive under Sis's protective wing, usually on kid farms in Zone61. This ensures a kid-free environment for the adult SlabCitz and an entirely safe and secure playground for everyone who either hasn't yet, or doesn't want to, grow up. All Zone61 facilities offer a 100% nurture-positive individually-configured learning environment to maximise every young citizen's potential, stimulate creative thought and deliver best childhood® experiences.

Yet, despite the almost Utopian nature of this concept, some citizens still manage to find something to complain about. These people, almost exclusively parents of the under 61's, argue that their rights and freedoms are being restricted by not being allowed into places outside Zone61 with their offspring.

Tough. Read the Life disclaimer.