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Open Reset page on Amazon
Open Reset page on Amazon

Reset is the title of the first Slabscape novel.


Published Nov 2010 (UK) March 2011 (USA)

Available in Paperback and eBook format from Amazon UK, Amazon US and Blip Books


Slabscape: Reset is the first of the series

Slabscape: Dammit is the second. Published Autumn 2014

Slabscape: Reboot is the third. Intended publication date Autumn 2020

A compendium of all three Slabscape novels along with the entire contents of Slabscapedia at the time of final publication will be published in a special, signed collectors edition box set provisionally entitled Slabscape: Thank Dice That's Over (The Doorstop Slab)[1]


  1. Do not believe this - there are at least five books planned in the Slabscape series. The fourth and fifth are provisionally entitled 'Blocks' and 'Defrag' disrespectively.