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The official name of the spinning, multi-ethnic, multi-configurable, multi-faceted city in the first variable-light region of Slab.

It has countless unofficial names[1], the most common of which is 'The Spin'. It is suspended in the centre of Big Yin, runs its entire 355 Km width, rotates through 360˚ once every 10.35714286 hours and is surrounded by The Valley.

The central axis, which is a carrier for three super-express crossSlab tubes, is a mega-scale representation of an idea helix.

Main sections

MultipliCity was created for creatives. Built both literally and figuratively around an idea that holds all of its influences moving in synchrony, The Spin is home to every ethnic group[2], culture, fad, trend, slight-leaning-towards or whim known to human- and NAH-kind.

While many of the boundaries between areas are by necessity ill-defined, the core of each named city has its own distinct architectural, culinary, cultural and linguistic identity. Although Ænglish is spoken everywhere and it is not necessary[3] to master any local languages in order to become a resident[4], there are many areas where it is considered polite to at least try.

Despite how it may look, there is some order to the rat's nest; all of the cities are grouped into regions that correspond to the continental land masses of Earth although why The Westend is in the exact centre of SpinCentral has never been properly explained.


Cities and places from the Middle East, Asia and Oceania

  • currently trending; Spinstanbul, Spingalore


Cities and places from Africa and Europe

  • currently trending; Spinsterdam, Vrille de France


Cities and places from North and South America.

  • currently trending; CubaLibra, NY3


MultipliCity is not only mobile around its central core, all of the residential buildings and most of the infrastructure that hangs off the triple helix are on temporary moorings. MultipliCity is in a state of constant reconfiguration as residents and businesses move to up-trending areas. This means that the actual physical centre of mass of the axis reflects current trends in social mobility and is therefore of interest to many who seek to be where it's at[5].

Footnotes and references

  1. see discussion tab
  2. whether genetically valid or fashion statement
  3. oh yeah? ever tried ordering breakfast in Vrille de France in Ænglish?
  4. local prefs are set to auto-translate anyway
  5. yes, it is sad
  6. surprisingly close to the Plywood Café