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OnSlab epithet; Liar, cheat or non-authorised thief.

The name derives from a generally derided and abandoned attempt to harness 'renewable energy' on Earth by erecting extensive arrays of huge, windmill-type turbines specifically designed to generate electricity from wind power. Ironically, most installations had been funded largely by national governments in poorly advised attempts to exploit ways of generating power which didn't have a harmful effect on the environment.

During the late 20th and early 21st century, concerns over global warming had driven Earthbound scientists to try to devise ever more ingenious ways of obtaining power without the burning of fossil fuels, which, apart from being finite and in imminent danger of running out, were largely acknowledged as being responsible for precipitating change in the Earth's climate.

However, the popular belief that randomly removing gigajoules of energy from the fragile and temperamental wind systems of Earth would have no effect on the climate was seriously misguided. It was only after several decades of increased violent storm activity in the northern hemisphere, where most of the wind-farms were concentrated, that investigations about the global effects of wind farming concluded what should have been obvious in the first place. (see Cold's Law)

The implementation of the Polar Rosette forced the Earth's wind farms to be sold for scrap. Those who lived in the Hurricane, Typhoon and Cyclone belts of the world were not upset about the subsequent financial losses of the wind farmers and the phrase entered the language as a pejorative.