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Proper noun


  1. The language[1] originating in England, Earth, Sol; as modified by African American Vernacular, American English, Australian English, Bronxlang, Canadian English, Estuary English, Hacker's code, Indian English, Irish English, Jewish English, Pidgin English, Scottish English, South African English and mangled by CNN.
  • Official onSlab language



  1. Ænglish-language; of or pertaining to the Ænglish language

Usage notes

The concept of standard Ænglish infers a formalised and fixed set of definitions and usage which in practice is only partially true. Words are being modified daily, new ones added at an average rate of 2-300 per cycle and old ones fall into disuse only to be resurrected cykeshence.

  • The name of the language, Ænglish, does not assume an article.
  • There are no such people as The Ænglish.[2]

Derived terms

Footnotes and references

  1. which was already a bastardisation of several cross-continental languages and dialects
  2. unless you support the claims of the members of the Académie Ænglaise, which we don't