Dry Cleaning Scandal

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Also known as the labels for cash scam, the Dry Cleaning Scandal was an international conspiracy whose origin is not provable, but is often rumoured as being Chicago, USA, Earth, during the late 1940's.[citation ??][1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8].


The dominance of man-made fabrics coupled with improved manufacturing techniques meant that an increasing number of garments were perfectly suited to be cleaned in the water-using domestic automatic washing machines which were becoming a standard fixture in American homes. In addition, the rapid increase in Laundromats meant that cheap cleaning was readily available to everyone. Realising they would soon be out of business, a group of 'family' owned dry cleaning shops and dry cleaning fluid manufacturers formed an illegal cartel whose sole aim was to entice or coerce clothing manufacturers to sew 'dry clean only' labels into their normally, water-washable products. Millions of dollars changed hands every year as dry cleaning organisations thrived.


The scam was finally revealed when the price of clothes rose unilaterally after the dry cleaning industry collapsed in 2063 due to an advertising gimmick dreamed up by Louie Drago. As CEO and head of marketing for IRAK, Drago had decided to give away specially tuned Emties which were designed to transport clothes from laundry-styled basket receivers, via a network of centralised steam rooms[9] in order to eliminate creases, and back into the user's home wardrobes which were fitted with Emti receivers tuned to filter out all dirt, stains and moisture. From that moment, the task of cleaning clothes became as simple as throwing them away and the Emti became a household name.


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  9. usually attached to the waste heat output of electricity generation plants