Instancalmer Sgonnagecha

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The true identity of this individual cannot be ascertained due to him, her or it being the current Hobson for SpinCentral and seriously abusing the anon-untrace privilege afforded on all Hobsons[1].

He, she or it is a Professional Moron and has delighted no-one except possibly him, her or itself.

The next Hobson lottery for The Spin will be on the 75th of 1040. Until then it is inadvisable to call Hobson's Choice anywhere in downtown MultipliCity.

Hobson status
Region SpinCentral
Tenure lottery - next draw 1040.75
Renewal non option[2]
Shouter's rating 3%
Discretion negligible
Anon-untrace in force

Footnotes and references

  1. But if anyone knows for certain who this idiot is, there are a few people who would be very interested in expressing themselves directly
  2. see SlabCouncil lobby #1272 for this individual to be excluded from all future draws.