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Child NinetyNine Inc. (C99) is the most profitable corporation onSlab by several orders of magnitude. Exactly how profitable it is is impossible to ascertain because it has been legally phase-shifted by 180˚ and is therefore not liable for ExTax or any other goddamn taxes for that matter.

It owns or controls many of the most successful Neural Interface Massively Multi-player Total Immersion Role Playing Games onSlab, is a major residential property owner in Seacombe, has substantial interests in AllWeather, and was the sole developer of The Valley where it remains the superior landlord of all valley property. However, as the sub-lease of the Big Yin did not specifically demesne the air-rights of the Slabsection, the inhabitants of The Spin have consistently refused to pay all rent demands from this anti-corps[1].

It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Child Nine Inc. and as such, according to its articles of association[2], is liable for the operating expenses of its parent corporation and not one penny more.

Footnotes and references

  1. It should be noted that if this dispute is ever settled in favour of C99, the arrears will amount to more than the entire net worth of the Spin's inhabitants and everyone of those freeloaders will be bankrupt.
  2. which, due to being phase-shifted, are not physically verifiable