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Combini Kids kon-bee-nee kidz (combination children, multigenerics) are the nonconsanguineous output from the gene-splitter clinics. They have no identifiable parents and were not conceived as a result of any conscious pairing between SlabCitizens.


Ever since the Stop Gene Fiasco of 2079, when the human race became sterile, humanity has relied on the geneticists to create more humans. At first, most prospective parents continued the tradition of combining genes from their own gametes and leaving the results up to chance and accident, just as the genetic line had done since it had crawled out of the swamp and grown a warm body. It took less than a generation for this idea to be consigned to history. Within two generations it was deemed negligent parenting to allow a baby to be born with identifiable genetic defects. In 2096 an anonymous case brought by a son against his parents for criminal negligence for failing to ensure he would be free from astigmatism resulted in a record payout of $100 million[1] and the term genetic neglect entered the statute books.

Legal Standing

All Combini Kids have exactly the same legal standing as main-parented offspring, excepting forfeiture of inheritance rights. All gene donors are given Anon-untrace status[2] and in the unlikely event that an individual donor can be identified they are indemnified from all parenting responsibilities. There is no legal relationship between donor and donee or right to know.

Naming Conventions

All Combini Kids are named by the Zone61 farm nurturers during elaborate parties which are held on their 20th Birthday[3]. Before their naming ceremony, they are encouraged to lodge their own DoNames and experiment to see what suits them.

Footnotes and references

  1. the boy had nurtured a strong desire to be a porn star but without his thick spectacles was almost blind. Male porn stars never wear glasses
  2. even from themselves
  3. Cykes, not years, obviously