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DoName (Rhymes with Salmon) is a Donated, or given name.

The practice of giving people names was instigated onSlab, on 520.68 by Mrthyl Sludgepuss Sideways who postulated that many people, including herself, had been given the wrong names at birth. This was due, according to Mrthyl[1], to the Ideas String interference caused by the new-born infant's temporally unfocused assimilation period which gives rise to a localised ideas collapse. This causes the name choosers[2] to become confused and fall into a Crap Idea miasma which usually meant the child was given the wrong name. Evidence for this incorrect naming was everywhere; some Johns were clearly Jacks, Williams - Bills, Elizabeths - Peggys and Steves - Simons. Furthermore, people who had instantly forgetable names had clearly been given the wrong names in the first place.

Name giving became a minor onSlab craze for a couple of cykes during the late 500's. New services sprang up offering to design names with auspicious meanings, numerical significance or a range of minor pseudo-mystic values, all of which were complete blocks. After this madness had calmed down, people generally gave names for special events such as significant sidereal birthdays, graduating Zone61, first deaths and so on.

It became incumbent on individuals to decide which of their DoNames they were going to use as their primary, or main, identifiers and lodge those with Sis - hence the term DoName Main.

A further complication of the DoName system (DNS) is that DoNames can vary according to the activity of the individual, resulting in various Sub-DoNames (aka SuDoNms) being used by authors and other creatives, especially those who are able to switch genres. The most notable example of this was the writer, dancer, singer, pornographer and bug designer; D.H. Henri, D.Lite Henri, D.D.D. Henri, D.P. Henri and D.B. Henri. However, use of the middle initial 'M' to denote Science Fiction writing is generally frowned upon as too derivative.

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