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Portable, holographic Visual Display projectors, commonly called vDeks, were popular onSlab before the technology became ubiquitous and embedded in the fabric, and scenery, of the Slabscape.

Back in the late 700s domestic models had been refined to the point where they could slip easily into a breast pocket and looked like palm-sized silver cylinders, only slightly bigger than the average adult thumb, and usually had two opposing projection slits. They were Sis-activated and often coded to a specific citizen for discrete private usage. C-Cure projection interference shielding meant that it was possible to have a conversation with a close friend in public via vDek without a casual passer-by being able to see or hear the conversation.


As vDeks were Sis moderated, it was impossible to use them for spying or voyeurism without consent from all involved. However, the practice of pranking by hiding personal vDeks in public places was briefly popular in the 650s before being closed down by ASOL.

The biggest problem was for restaurants. It became common practice to hold large social diners via vDek which meant that a restaurant could be fully booked, with only a handful of people actually being present and consuming any food or drink. The holo-cover-charge became widespread and widely resented until the restaurants installed embedded projectors with full sensurround capabilities (which they over-charged for), that the issue was resolved.

Military Use

The MGV, or Military Grade vDek is a different animal all together. Considerably larger than a domestic vDek, heavily armoured and armed, the MGV is a tactical weapon of immense value in the field. Transonic, grav-assisted manoeuvring with multi-phasic, wide-band sensors, coupled with significant autonomous AI capability, makes the fully enabled MGV almost invulnerable. So much so that not a single one has been lost in battle[1].

  1. So why anyone allowed Louie Drago to be housed in even a small, de-fanged one, is a mystery to many concerned citizens.