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The Initial Design refers not to the original construction of Slab (for that see Original Design) but to the political, social and economic structures that define the way Slab is organised[1].

This article is a brief summary only and by no means a definitive document. This is because the exact details are only available to SlabCouncil members. The confidentiality of these details was part of the Initial Design[2].

Political Structure

Benevolent dictatorship (Sis) moderated by SlabCouncil.

In order to avoid the furtherance of corrupt, ego-driven, power-seeking, lying bastard, voter-manipulating oligarchs and politicians who have dominated most of human history, all power is devolved to anonymous individuals and expert systems. Democracy has been consigned to history where it firmly belongs.


Council is comprised of;

  • an Intern steering committee of voluntary, anonymous, peer-group selected humans[3],
  • a matching number of NAH representatives who have full autonomy, and
  • one interholo[4].

While SlabCouncil are tasked with steering the ideology and ethical direction of all Sis-made decisions, they are allowed to consult the SlabCitizens by instantaneous Slabwide referenda which are carried out by a Sis-monitored eye poll. In this event, response is mandatory for all citizens outside zone61.


The Slab Presidency is largely a ceremonial position. The president, who has very few real powers[5], is chosen by Sis-managed open lottery[6] and holds office for a maximum term of 10 cykes. All citizens over the age of 61 cykes and of certified mental stability are elegible for selection although it is the right of every SlabCitizen to withhold their doNames from the draw.

Economic Systems

The Slab economy has gone through many different configurations but always seems to default to rampant capitalism despite the best efforts of the Council to support anyone who chooses to enjoy a life of permanent leisure (see Right to Work Crisis).

However, if you insist on working and making money, you are going to get taxed to Home and back.

Social Order

The ID mandates equal rights for all (even Unkos). This includes the freedom to be a Cakeandeatit act and also explains how the Rellies get away with all that blocks. The ID also outlined the original SlabWide Contemporary Morality standards which have been continually modified and updated ever since.

Although the ID ensures that no significant, long-term harm is allowed to be inflicted upon any SlabCitizen (especially regarding involuntary going ahead), children and those who seek to relinquish reason and accountability are cared for by the NaniState.


The ID has been modified only four times PD - each modification except the first one required 80% SlabCouncil approval.

Date Amendment Detail
198:27 ID 1.1 majority required to modify the ID changed from 51% to 80%[7]
238:14 ID 1.2 Intern identities became anonymous
475.01 ID 1.3 multiple changes in response to enemy attack (see War)
Now ID 1.4 temporary suspension of non-duplicate personality clause in or to save our souls (in progress)

Footnotes and references

  1. if you think this place is organised, we wouldn't want to visit your apartment
  2. yes, we think this is a bit sly too
  3. number of interns fixed at 0.001% of Slab population
  4. and we all know who this is don't we? What happened to the person who wants to should be the last who's allowed to blocks? What happened to Council anonymity? Oh boy is there going to be a stink about this!
  5. except patronage, bullying, manipulating and threatening huh?
  6. which is clearly broken (see Charles Darvinigan Pleewo-Smythe VII)
  7. note Contemporary Morality is still subject to the 51% rule